The Company who build the famous WSPR-AXE.
The WSPR Transmitter-Kit that need no computer.
We can deliver now 2 Versions. One for 30 meters and one for 20 meters. Only 12 Volts and an Antenna is needed.

100% Made in the US.

Hi hi. The revolutionay WSPR-AXE 30 Meter WSPR-Transmitter has becoming a Brother. He works with the same specifications BUT he works on 20 Meters. Both are fully independent WSPR-Transmitters. Only 12 volts and an Antenna is nessessary. No computer needed !!!.


What is the WSPR-AXE? The WSPR-AXE is a transmitter ham radio kit; an appropriate Amateur Radio license and accompanying knowledge is required for kit building and operation. The WSPR-AXE main feature is that it allows standalone (no PC or transceiver needed) WSPR (weak signal propagation reporter) operation with only a power supply and antenna attached. As normally programmed the WSPR-AXE is a transmitter beacon for a single ham radio band with pre-programmed user information.

The latest version of the WSPR-AXE kit has important revisions from those previous. Of primary interest, for the portable operator, the new WSPR-AXE is more 'trail friendly' in that it offers a built in timing control for repeated transmissions as well as the ability to turn off the PA for transmitting and not lose timing sync with minimal battery drain when transporting the transmitter to a portable location. The kit contains a pre-programmed PICAXE microprocessor with your individual call sign and a selected 4-digit grid square. The transmitter nominally produces 1W output power using a 10 to 12VDC power supply. Call sign and grid square changes to your WSPR-AXE can be achieved by sending back the PICAXE IC and having it reprogrammed with new parameters; or, with several programmed chips in hand you can change the transmission parameters by inserting a different chip.

Theory of Operation. The block diagram for the WSPR-AXE is shown below.

The price of the WSPR-AXE Kit is $69 plus $5 in US S&H and $10 worldwide S&H.

Please call: for arrangements.


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